Pope Francis in New York's Central Park

Had a great time in Central Park with my old friend Alice to get a glimpse of Pope Francis. We arrived at 11:00 am. We walked slowly to get into Central Park which took 3 hours. We were tens of thousands of people with the same goal in mind. We made it into the park by 2:30 and then we found a place where we could see him pass by after 5:00. Was it worth it? Of course! We connected with so many people around us. People who were Catholic and those who were not. There is something special about Pope Francis that transcends religion and beliefs.

Pope Francis in Central Park September 25, 2015.
The Pope in Central Park
Mother and daugher on line into Central Park to see the Pope!
Women from Nigeria on line into Central Park to the Pope.
Woman holing up Pope poster entering Central Park.
A teen seeling Pope flags
Alice and me with the many people waiting for a glimpse of Pope Francis
The New York Post was transformed to The New York Post for a day!!